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    Protecting water treatment systems against scale deposition, corrosion, fouling etc. Reducing unnecessary downtime. Ensuring optimum productivity Preventing and reducing environmental risks allowing energy saving...read more


Ceramic Products


Ceramic Sealing

Technical Specifications :
Temperature 5000C, 7000C, 11000C, 12600C, 14000C based on the composition and reinforcement
Specific Density and Thermal conductivity : Varies per product based on composition and reinforcement.


The ceramic products are available in Tape forms, sleeves, packings, ropes, cloths, blankets, etc.

These products are asbestos free ceramic products with main characteristics of
    • Resistance to high temperature
    • Electric insulation,
    • Excellent acoustics,
    • Low density,
    • Good flexibility,
    • No ignition loss,
    • Low thermal conductivity
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Good mechanical resistance
    • Thermal & physical characteristics do not change with water, steam and oil.

Industrial furnaces, electric ovens, boilers, chimneys, jointings, industrial lagging, pipe insulation, furnace door joints, blowers, etc.

Recommended Service Media:
Virtually all chemicals, steam, condensate, oil, all gases, hydrocarbons, food stuffs, etc.