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Combination Packing



Technical Specifications :
Pressure bar 150 250 350
Temperature -200 ℃ to +280 ℃
pH 2 - 12
Velocity m/sec 10 2 1.5
A packing with Aramid fibre corners & pure PTFE fibres on the running surfaces.

• The prelubed PTFE fibres yarns at the base provide excellent chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction and virtually eliminates shaft scoring

• The tough PTFE impregnated Aramid fibre yarns at the corners provides superb extrusion, abrasion & pressure resistance,allowing the packing to be used at very high pressure conditions.

• Clean and non-toxic, can be used for food & paper and pulp industry


Plunger pumps, centrifugals, mixers, agitators, reciprocating pumps, etc.

Recommended Service Media:
Carbomate solution, ammonia compounds, chemicals, abrasives, slurries, water, oils, solvents, diluted acids and alkali, food products, etc


Technical Specifications :
Pressure bar 150 250 350
Temperature -100 ℃ to +280 ℃
pH 2 - 12
Velocity m/sec 15 3 1.5

A packing with Aramid fibre corners & GFO on the running surfaces

• Ideal packing where chemical resistance, high strength and sliding properties are essential
• The special Aramid fibres at the corners enhance pressure and extrusion resistance of the packing even at higher temperatures
• Excellent resistance to abrasive media
• Can be used in all aggregates with a large clearance/ gap
• A low friction packing.

Digestors, Plunger and Centrifugal pumps, Agitators, Booster Pumps,, etc.

Recommended Service Media:
Ammonia & Carbomate solution plunger pumps, Liquor pumps in paper mills like Black & White Liquor, Sewage Water, Solids, Sand, Weak Acids & Alkali solutions etc


Technical Specifications :
Pressure bar 50 200 300
Temperature -200 ℃ to +280 ℃
pH 0 - 14
Velocity m/sec 22 2 1.5

A Graphited PTFE fibre packing for general applications

• Style 43 is made from Graphited PTFE fibres in interlock braid and loaded with a break-in lubricant.
• Style 43 is a cheaper alternative to the GFO fibre packing.
• The PTFE fibre is thoroughly impregnated with micronic graphite to give it very good heat dissipating properties.
• The packing resists to most chemicals without any heat build-up and scoring than pure PTFE packings.

Pumps and Valves.

Recommended Service Media:
Chemicals, acids, alkalies, water cooling water.