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Why Technomax ?

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    To create happiness in the society, by being a patron of technology in value added and eco-friendly engineering solutions, that will ultimately save time, energy & efforts.

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    Value for Money...... Guaranteed Performance


Cooling Chilled Water Treatment

At Technomax, we can handle the toughest applications through our proven high performance range of products. with plant managers and maintenance engineers to reduce shutdowns, reduce maintenance and repairs cost and increase productivity. Cooling Chilled ware treament plant is another product in offering.

Techno - Treat Range

Cool & Chilled Water Treatment

Parameter Values
  Corrosion Inhibitors,
  Scale Inhibitors
  Biocides and Bio-Dispersants
  Microbial control and Inorganic fouling control

Our cooling water treatment programs not only control scaling and corrosion but will also save energy, downtime and increase equipment life.