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Armstrong Pumps


Armstrong - HSC Fire Pumps & Packaged Systems

The Series 4600F, drawing on over 100 years of pump design expertise and leadership, is the state of the art in Horizontal Split Case pumps. It meets or exceeds the requirements of nfpa and testing laboratories involved in fire protection such as ul, ulc & fm. The family of pumps capitalize on the "Tilted Parting" concept to minimize turbulence at the eye of the impeller by its straight laminar approach, thus maximizing efficiency.

The family was designed with commonality of parts, low installation cost, and ease of maintenance objectives.The pumps' compact sizes are ideally suited for space saving packages and retrofit applications.

• PTFE & Graphite bonded together in a single molecular structure
• Dense pliable packing with a high degree of resiliency
• Does not cause shaft wear
• Dissipates heat without chemical hardening, resistant to chemicals
• Resistant to most chemicals.
• Outlasts the service life of most other similar packings.

Features :

1 Recirculation
• External Water Seal Recirculation Lines

2 Coupling
• ul Listed close-coupled coupling

3 Stuffing Box Housing
• Self contained Combination Bearing & Seal Housing
• Permits packing change-out without having to be removed

4 Drip Containment
• Fitted with drain connection

5 Casing Wear Ring
• Replaceable Case Wear Rings
• Locked to prevent rotation or axial displacement
• Impeller Wear Ring available as an option

6 Pump Casing
• Designed to withstand the high pressure requirement typical in fire protection

7 Impeller
• Hydraulically balanced double suction
• Dynamically balanced
• Minimum axial thrust
• High effi ciency throughout operating range

8 Shaft Sealing with Packing
• Three-piece Split Gland standard
• Packing replaceable without disturbing wetted parts
• Stuffing Box Extension designed for easy access

9 Shaft Sleeves
• Replaceable bronze sleeves
• Protects shaft throughout Stuffing Box

10 Bearings
• Easy removal with bearing nut
• Sealed, permanently greased bearings
• Low Friction Lost Bearing
• Maintenance free

11 Bearing Housing
• Removable without removing top casing 12 Shaft
• Minimum deflection for long bearing life
• Minimum vibrations
• Identical shaft and parts for left and right-hand drives

Tilted Parting Design Casing:
• Permits laminar approach to eye of Impeller
• Lower npsh required
• Lower pump profile
• Minimum pump footprint
• Removeable rotating element without disturbing piping
• Low foot-mounted Casing to reduce vibrations