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Pumps & Controls

Pumps & Controls

Armstrong Split Coupled Vertical In-Line Pumps

Armstrong Split Coupled Vertical In-Line Pumps - Best Commercial HVAC Pump Design Available Since 1969

Products Features :

Vertical In-Line pumps, being integral components of the pipework, eliminate need for inertia bases, inertia base springs, flexible pipe connectors, field grouting and alignment. Pipe hangers sized for the weight of pump, piping and fittings are the only supports required. Pipe stools, with vibration isolating pads, may be installed under each pipe leg.

Space Saving
Greatest floor space savings result when Vertical In-Line pumps are installed with Armstrong Suction Guides and Flo-Trex valves. Equivalent base mounted, horizontal split case pumps may take 3 times more floor space.

The mechanical seal is the critical service item in any pump. Removal of the Series 4300 split spacer coupling allows allmechanical seal components to be withdrawn for servicing, through the resulting space between pump and motor shafts,without disturbing other pump components or motor connection. Re-installing the rigid coupling brings the unit rotatingassembly back to factory alignment specifications.

Dynamically balanced impeller and shaft assembly rotating vertically on the Series 4300 centerline translate to a quiet,long-lasting pump with minimum vibration, as static shaft deflection is eliminated. There are no pump bearings to service in the Vertical In-Line design. Series 4300 is a reliable, time-proven unit with less down time.

Small footprint, low installation costs, reliable and easy to maintain. These features, combined with flow range in excess of 30,000 USgpm (1,900 L/s), affirms the Series 4300 as the most flexible pump design available.

Design Features

Split Coupled

1 Industry standard motor designed for Vertical In-Line operation.
2 Heavy cylindrical bracket with 360° register on each flange provides a rigid union of pump and motor.
3 Motor shaft run-out limited to 0.001" (0.025 mm) TIR (Total Indicator Reading).
4 Axially split, spacer type rigid coupling permits seal maintenance without disturbing pump or motor. Lightweight high tensile aluminum, precision bored anddesigned to reduce bearing load.
5 Shaft deflection at mechanical seal limited to 0.002" (0.05 mm) TIR.
6 Mechanical seal, accessible and easily replaceable (outside multi-spring balanced mechanical seal illustrated.
7 Gland plate with flush connection ensures liquid at seal faces and positive venting of seal chamber.
8 Dynamically balanced impeller assures smooth vibration-free operation.

9 Radially split volute with equal suction and discharge flange sizes. Separate drilled and tapped openings for gauge, flush and drain connections.
10 Liberal inlet passageways and straightening vanes provide optimum suction performance and quiet operation.
11 Ribs cast integral with volute. Machined surface to accept floor support when specified.
12 Confined casing gasket to meet stringent industrial temperature and pressure applications.
13 Coupling guard fully encloses access openings.

Typical Specifications:

1. Provide Vertical In-Line (VIL) pumps, single stage, single or double suction type, with pump characteristics which provide rising heads to shut off. Refer to pump schedule for pump flows and heads and motor speed, enclosure, efficiency and power requirements and other system conditions. Provide Armstrong Series 4300 split-coupled type VIL units, with rigid spacer type coupling.

2. Pump Construction: Pump Casing - Cast Iron with 125 psig ANSI/PN16 flanges for working pressure below 175 psig (12bar) at 150°F (65°C) and Ductile Iron with 250 psig ANSI/PN25 flanges for working pressures to 375 psig (25 bar) at 150°F (65°C). Suction and discharge connections shall be flanged and the same size and shall be drilled and tapped for seal flush and gauge connections.

3. Impeller - Bronze, fully enclosed type. Dynamically balanced. Two-plane balancing is required where installed impeller diameter is less than 6 times the impeller width.

4. Shaft - Provide Stainless Steel pump shaft.

5. Coupling - Rigid spacer type of high tensile aluminum alloy. Coupling to be designed to be easily removed on site to reveal a space between the pump and motor shafts sufficient to remove all mechanical seal components for servicing and to be replaced without disturbing the pump or motor.

6. Mechanical Seals - Shall be Stainless Steel multi-spring outside balanced type with Viton secondary seal, carbon rotating face and silicon carbide stationary seat. Provide 316 stainless steel gland plate. Provide factory installed flush line with manual vent.

7. All split coupled pumps shall be provided with a lower seal chamber throttle bushing to ensure seals maintain positively cooling and lubrication.

8. Seal flush line accessories, if required to improve seal chamber cleanliness: Supply in the flush line to the mechanical seal a 50 micron cartridge filter and sight flow indicator, to suit the working pressure encountered.

9. Filters shall be changed, by the installing contractor, after system is flushed and on a regular basis until turned over to the owner.

10. Alternately, a maintenance-free accessory needing pump differential pressures exceeding 70 ft/30 psig/200 kPa for effective operation: Supply in the flush line to the mechanical seal a maintenance-free sediment separator, with sight flow indicator.

Armstrong - Intelligent Variable Speed pumps

Armstrong's Design Envelope ivs pumps are a complete solution for heating and cooling systems. The integration of a perfectly matched Vertical In-Line pump, motor, and Intelligent Variable Speed controller creates an innovative,
high-value pumping solution.

Rising energy costs and sustainability governance are driving the development of new technologies to improve the performance of buildings.Armstrong answers the challenge with unparalleled pumping efficiency and performance.

The Design Envelope ivs control is available for Armstrong's Series 4300 and 4380 Vertical In-Line pumps as well as Series 4302 and 4382 dualARM pumps, and 4392 and 4312 twin head pumps. These solutions are available with integrated controller or in a stand-alone configuration (controller mounted separately).

Design Envelope ivs pumps reduce pumping costs through variable speed, demand-based operation consuming only the energy required, based on current system demand.

Design Envelope ivs pumps use a combination of optimised impeller size and speed control for energy efficient operation within a given performance envelope. The performance envelopes are mapped for the best pump efficiency at 50% of the design flow rate, where variable flow systems operate most often. This ensures a building's hydronic pumping system consumes as little energy as possible. It also ensures that the installation meets ashrae 90.1 guidelines requiring 70% energy savings at 50% of peak load.

Upto 70% of Energy Savings
Armstrong Design Envelope variable speed technology automatically optimses the speed control of a circulating pump serving a two port valve controlled hvac system. The variable speed intelligence embedded in the Armstrong Design Envelope ivs controller adjusts the speed of the pump to meet the immediate load on the hvac system. This results in the pump responding instantaneously to the system load and drawing only the power required to meet that load.

Benefits : -
Building Owners

• Lowest lifecycle costs
• Reduced energy consumption leads to substantial operating savings
• Green building incentives and rebates available in most regions
• Demand-based variable speed leads to improved occupant comfort
• Selection methodology provides future proofing against changing building loads
• Selection methodology prevents over-sizing of equipment


• Broad range of performance leads to reduced iterations of pump selection
• Energy-saving solution reduces hvac operating costs
• Contributes to leed certification
• Improved pumping efficiency and control leads to reduced carbon footprint
• Fewer components and reduced wiring means simpler hvac system drawings
• IVS Sensorless technology means fewer components to select


• Reduced controls installations and set up fees
• Less floor space required
• Fewer peripheral components
• Reduced costs for pipe and pipe installation
• No requirement for concrete pad
• Fewer components to install
• Faster installation and commissioning

Recommended Service Media:
Carbomate solution, ammonia compounds, chemicals, abrasives, slurries, water, oils, solvents, diluted acids and alkali, food products, etc

Booster Sets

Applications :
• Residential and commercial buildings
• Schools
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Industrial buildings.

Features :
• PLC controlled & LCD display
• Compact design
• SS Pumps

Technical Data:
• Flow: up to 180 m3/hr
• Pressure: up to 25 bar

Applications :

• Residential and commercial buildings
• Schools
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Industrial buildings.
• Shopping centers

Features :
• PLC controlled & LCD display
• Reduced wear of system components due to soft starting of pumps through variable speed drives – lower maintenance costs
• SS pumps
• Improved reliability and maintainability
• Improved energy efficiency
• Compact and space-saving design

Technical Data:
• Flow: up to 468 m3/hr
• Pressure: up to 25 bar

Armstrong - HSC Fire Pumps & Packaged Systems

The Series 4600F, drawing on over 100 years of pump design expertise and leadership, is the state of the art in Horizontal Split Case pumps. It meets or exceeds the requirements of nfpa and testing laboratories involved in fire protection such as ul, ulc & fm. The family of pumps capitalize on the "Tilted Parting" concept to minimize turbulence at the eye of the impeller by its straight laminar approach, thus maximizing efficiency.

The family was designed with commonality of parts, low installation cost, and ease of maintenance objectives.The pumps' compact sizes are ideally suited for space saving packages and retrofit applications.

• PTFE & Graphite bonded together in a single molecular structure
• Dense pliable packing with a high degree of resiliency
• Does not cause shaft wear
• Dissipates heat without chemical hardening, resistant to chemicals
• Resistant to most chemicals.
• Outlasts the service life of most other similar packings.

Features :

1 Recirculation
• External Water Seal Recirculation Lines

2 Coupling
• ul Listed close-coupled coupling

3 Stuffing Box Housing
• Self contained Combination Bearing & Seal Housing
• Permits packing change-out without having to be removed

4 Drip Containment
• Fitted with drain connection

5 Casing Wear Ring
• Replaceable Case Wear Rings
• Locked to prevent rotation or axial displacement
• Impeller Wear Ring available as an option

6 Pump Casing
• Designed to withstand the high pressure requirement typical in fire protection

7 Impeller
• Hydraulically balanced double suction
• Dynamically balanced
• Minimum axial thrust
• High effi ciency throughout operating range

8 Shaft Sealing with Packing
• Three-piece Split Gland standard
• Packing replaceable without disturbing wetted parts
• Stuffing Box Extension designed for easy access

9 Shaft Sleeves
• Replaceable bronze sleeves
• Protects shaft throughout Stuffing Box

10 Bearings
• Easy removal with bearing nut
• Sealed, permanently greased bearings
• Low Friction Lost Bearing
• Maintenance free

11 Bearing Housing
• Removable without removing top casing 12 Shaft
• Minimum deflection for long bearing life
• Minimum vibrations
• Identical shaft and parts for left and right-hand drives

Tilted Parting Design Casing:
• Permits laminar approach to eye of Impeller
• Lower npsh required
• Lower pump profile
• Minimum pump footprint
• Removeable rotating element without disturbing piping
• Low foot-mounted Casing to reduce vibrations

Submersible Drainage Pump Vortex (SDPV)


    • Compact size and light weight
    • Easy operation and high quality

    • Basement drainage
    • Rain water drainage
    • Dewatering

    Technical Data::
    • Flow: up to 48 m3/hr
    • Head: up to 20 meters
    • Rated voltage: 220V / 415V

    • Non-clogging
    • Large impeller clearance
    • Minimized abrasive wear
    • Maintenance free

    • Dewatering drainage waste water of medium concentration in hotels, hospitals, municipal works, etc.

    Technical Data::
    • Flow: up to 60 m3/hr
    • Head: up to 23 meters
    • Rated voltage: 220V / 415V

Submersible Sewage Pumps (SSP)

• Heavy duty non-clogging sewage pump

• Submersible Sewage Pump (SSP) is mainly used for dewatering sewage, waste water containing solids, hotels, hospitals, municipal works, etc.

Technical Data::
• Flow: up to 1500 m3/hr
• Head: up to 45 meters
• Casing, impeller and pump cover: HT250 or nodular cast iron
• Maximum solid size: Less than half the diameter of the pump outlet
• Medium temperature: Less than 40°C
• Rated voltage: 380-415V


100 mm (4") Borewell Submersible pumpsets are built with impellers & diffusers made of thermo plastics and other vital components like check valve housing and suction inter connector are made of graded cast iron, outer shell made oh high quality stainless steel. The optimal design of impellers and diffusers offers best possible hydraulic efficiency.

These pumps are powered by a water filled, rewindable submersible motor suitable for un-interrupted duty. The stator is wound with special water proof synthetic film insulated copper winding wires and made up of low watt loss steel laminations assembled under pressure and rigidly locked in stainless steel stator shell. Specially designed high performance thrust bearings (SS with Carbon) are used to withstand axial and down thrust loads with minimum wear and tear. Dynamically balanced rotor gives vibration free and noise free operation, thereby increases efficiency and life cycle of the motor.

Features :-

  • Fitted with imported motor protector in single phase motors
  • Silver brazed rotor
  • 29 Feet head per stage in specific models
  • High operating efficiency
  • Extremely hardwearing water lubricated thrust bearings
  • Designed for extensive voltage fluctuations>
  • Can be easily dismantled and repaired

    Specifications :-

    Parameter Values
    Power range 0.37kW – 5.5 kW (0.5HP – 7.5HP)
    Speed 2880 rpm
    Version Single Phase, 200 – 240V, Three Phase, 380 – 415V, 50 Hz, A.C. Supply
    Maximum total head 395 metre (39.5 bar)
    Maximum flow rate 18000 LPH (18 M3 / Hr)
    Maximum outer diameter in mm 97 & 98.
    Nominal outlet size in inches 1 ¼, 1 ½, 2 & 2 ½
    Degree of Protection IP 58.
    Direction of Rotation Clockwise from driving end.
    Thrust Load 1500 lbs.
    Minimum cooling flow along the motor 0.15 m/sec
    Type of duty S1 (Continuous)
    Method of starting Direct on Line, Capacitor Start Capacitor Run (CSCR) / Permanent split Capacitor (CSR)
    Maximum starts per hour 12 times.
    Mounting Standard As per NEMA

    Applications :-

    Municipal water supply
    Rural Water Supply
    Sprinkler System
    Pressure boosting units
    Fire fighting systems
    Mining Application

    MOC :-


    Part Name   Material
    Speed   2880 rpm
    Version   Single Phase, 200 – 240V, Three Phase, 380 – 415V, 50 Hz, A.C. Supply
    Maximum total head   395 metre (39.5 bar)
    Maximum flow rate   18000 LPH (18 M3 / Hr)
    Maximum outer diameter in mm   97 & 98.
    Nominal outlet size in inches   1 ¼, 1 ½, 2 & 2 ½
    Degree of Protection   IP 58.
    Direction of Rotation   Clockwise from driving end.
    Thrust Load   1500 lbs.
    Minimum cooling flow along the motor   0.15 m/sec
    Type of duty   S1 (Continuous)
    Method of starting   Direct on Line, Capacitor Start Capacitor Run (CSCR) / Permanent split Capacitor (CSR)
    Maximum starts per hour   12 times.
    Mounting Standard   As per NEMA