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    Protecting water treatment systems against scale deposition, corrosion, fouling etc. Reducing unnecessary downtime. Ensuring optimum productivity Preventing and reducing environmental risks allowing energy saving...read more

Reverse Osmosis Plant

At Technomax, we encourage site visits. For us there's no better way to quickly see what's happening at your plant and to begin to determine right away how we can solve your challenges.

Reverse Osmosis is used to purify water by removing excess salts and other impurities. The unique feature of RO technology is that it can remove the TDS content in water to very safe levels. It also removes bacteria and virus, resulting in perfect quality drinking water at par with national and international standards. RO technology is recognized worldwide as the most effective method of water purification.

Water Treatment Plants

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

We install industrial reverse osmosis systems which utilizes the effective RO technology.The major advantage of this system is that it can remove bacteria and virus as well as TDS content from contaminated water. This is also capable of rejecting bacteria, Sugar, Protein Particles and dyes.

Mineral Water Plant

RO technology is also capable of rejecting bacteria, Sugar, Protein Particles, dyes etc.,which having a molecular weight greater than 150 dalton.

Salient Features:
Spiral wound / Polyamide thin-Film composite Membranes, Flow Meters, PLC based control panel, S. S. high pressure Pump, Conductivity Meters etc.

Options : Ozonation Systems, U V Sterilizers, Membrane Cleaning Skid.

Application : Production of Pure Water from Brackish Water & Sea Water. Production of bacteria-free and Pyrogen-free water for Domestic and Industrial use, Mineral water. Pre Treatment of DM Plant for reduction of Ionic load, Boiler Feed, Color Removal. Removal of Pesticides, Cyanides, etc. Pure water for process industry, Pure water for Kidney Dialysis unit.