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    Protecting water treatment systems against scale deposition, corrosion, fouling etc. Reducing unnecessary downtime. Ensuring optimum productivity Preventing and reducing environmental risks allowing energy saving...read more


Joint Sealants & Gaskets


SUPERB PACK Style 1900

Technical Specifications :
Pressure bar 200
Temperature ℃ -240℃ to +280℃
pH 0 - 14

A packing with Aramid fibre corners & pure PTFE fibres on the running surfaces.100% virgin PTFE joint sealant• Easy to install
• Self Adhering
• High compressibility
• Easy to remove also, does not stick to the flange surface
• Reduces wastages and maintenance costs.
• Does not harden
• Food grade, Does not contaminate
• Inert to virtually all chemicals
• Reduces inventory
• Multiple applications

We are the leading manufacturer & supplier of Industrial Water Treatment Plants. These are used to remove impurities from the water to get the fresh water.

• Industrial Water Treatment Plants • Ultra Filtration Plant • Mineral Water Plant • Reverse Osmosis System • Activated Carbon Filter • Pumps for domestic, commercial & industrial segment


Flanges, Fume Ducts, Concrete lids, Glass joints, Heat exchangers, FRP Vessels, Pump or Compressor Housing Flanges, Steam Vessel Flanges, Manholes, Ceramic Joints, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems, Water systems, etc.

Recommended Service Media:
Virtually all chemicals, steam, condensate, oil, all gases, hydrocarbons, food stuffs, etc.


Technical Specifications :
Pressure bar 200
Temperature ℃ -240℃ to +650℃
pH 0 - 14

High quality cut gaskets made from pure flexible graphite


• Much better alternative to Spiral Wound Gaskets & Serrated Metallic Gaskets • Superb Resiliency and compressibility: Adapts easily to any Flange surface • Metallic reinforcements provide mechanical strength - helps resist blowouts • Does not age nor creep • Ready to install Gaskets - OD, ID & HT to be specified • Available with or without a metallic reinforcement

Flanged joints

Recommended Service Media:
Superheated and Saturated Steam, all Non- Oxidizing Liquids & Gases, Hydrocarbons, Dyes & Chemicals, Fuel Oil & Lube Oil, thermic fluid oil, etc